What Am I Doing Now?

This page is inspired by other now pages.

Updated May 2018

I have been living in Baltimore, MD, USA since October 2017, after returning from a wonderful year living in Rwanda with my family. I spent that time taking a break from a rewarding career in design management and leadership, and spent my time growing food from dirt and climbing up and down Kigali hills, where every day is leg day.

Since I wrapped up my sabbatical, I’ve worked with Spirited Media helping them establish a product design function, launching local news membership for Denverite, The Incline and Billy Penn, and shepherding the overall vision of creating sustainable local journalism.

Most days, Twitter is my go to place for personal and professional engagement, so that’s the best place to find me. While I’m mad at the platform for their terrible response to abuse and other issues, they suck (marginally) less than the alternatives in certain areas and it’s where all my peeps are.

I have yet to take full advantage of our new home location other than binge reading everything the wonderful American public library systems has on offer, but have enjoyed working a reduced weekly schedule, which has allowed me ample time to goof off with the kiddo (who is about to turn five!), as well as deal with some long-term things I’ve been meaning to get around to such as making this website out of the ruinous ashes of previously abandoned personal websites and blogs.

Working remotely has given me great flexibility, specifically to continue my foray into learning about how to make really delicious bread, which I had started in Rwanda. However, working from home has made it far too easy for me to rarely leave the house and I realize I should be spending more time talking to humans face-to-face, so I plan on joining a co-working space in the near future.

More recently I’ve decided to pursue a long-term dream of buffing up and started lifting weights and using a speed bag, which has been fun and relaxing, and the new iteration of my experimentation with Personal ORKs (which so far is going well!).

As well, I would like to go back to attending more conferences and local professional gatherings, hopefully returning to speaking and writing on topics I am both passionate about and experienced in, such as developing teams, complex product development efforts, and goal setting and measures of success, among other digital product leadership and design topics. Stay tuned.