Monthly Archives: August 2006

Long live Sleater-Kinney

I just got home from Sleater-Kinney‘s last Philly show of their career. After here they are doing DC, NY and Portland and c’est fini. I laerned they are breaking up after this tour about 3 weeks ago and by that time it was already too late to get any tickets. I had always wanted to see them live and they were coming to the city I’m living in, so it was twice the torture.

Mel tried to get us tickets but they were ab$$$urd. Today I got pissed off about this and decided I could not let this opportunity pass me by, so after much perceverance on Craig’s Lists I found someone and about 15 minutes before the show, barely making it, I finally landed a ticket. The kicker: it cost me face value, $20.00, proof that there are still honest and generous people out there. Thanks Jen, whoever you are!

The concert exceeded all my expectations and frankly I don’t know where I’m finding the strenght to write this entry. The venue was so hot that Carrie said it was like playing in the Sun. When I walked out I felt like I had just come out of a pool, totally drenched in sweat. What a great workout! 2 hours of non-stop jumping – love it! They played a really long set, and though I can’t remember the order, I was surprised that their encore lasted 6 songs! It absolutely blew me away. The opening band was a revelation to me, I’ll have to check them out: The Rogers Sisters.

So, if you don’t know Sleater-Kinney, go check them out. If you alraedy do, listen to them once more; a farewell to one of the greates rock and roll bands of today.

Update: How awesome is the interweb? There were tons of people taking pictures during the show so someone had to have take a photo of the set list. Rock on!