Keeping track of ideas II

I had a product idea today. Something I had thought of before in terms of “wouldn’t it be nice if someone did…” but it’s been a while and nobody has done anything, so in the spirit of my ideawall, I took some time and sketched my idea out.

Spending just 10 minutes on it allowed me to frame it much differently (better) than I had before when I was just considering how nice it would be to have this thing available to me as a user. 4 sketch pages later, I posted it on the wall and let it sit. 10 minutes later I had added 3 post-its notes with additional improvements.

I’m curious to see where this goes. Even if I never go any further with this particular idea, I’m feeling that it’s helping me getting into the ‘idea generating’ mode, which I think is the only thing that can truly propel our thinking to move forward.