Audio from IA Roundup

Here’s the recording from the IA Roundup: Panel and Workshop on IA Resumes that I participated in last week:

Download the recording (52MB, 76 minutes, Mp3)


  • [00:00] Olga Howard & folks introduce the organizations that supported the event and panelists introduce themselves
  • [09:37] Olga introduces the panel
  • [11:12] We talk about what challenges us during recruiting
  • [17:44] I talk about how to get a job
  • [21:00] What I want to see in a resume
  • [47:50] Looking up people online
  • [54:17] What we look for in an interview
  • [48:12] Relevance of Educational background, transferable skills & how people get into IA
  • [64:34] How to get into IA and other Q&A

Here is the resume template (36KB, Word Document) that I mention during the panel. If you read my notes and recommendations for writing a successful resume and getting the job you want while you listen, it will be easier to follow.

I received great feedback from the people who attended the panel and workshop saying they got great value out of it, so I’m extending my offer to you, reading this blog: I’d be happy to review your resume and give you advice. I only ask you to first listen to this recording, read my recommendations and re-write your resume before you ask for help.

Many thanks to Olga for making this happen!

Also, today Crystal asked me if I would be interested in doing another one of these panel/workshops (possibly for PHICHI). I’d be happy to do it again, but are you interested? Let me know (leave a comment)!