Can you help me?

As I attempt to get rid of my huge backlog of things (that-have-been-pilling-up-over-the-months) to do, I noticed I’ve been doing a poor job at delegating and asking for help. I decided to just post what I need help with over here and hopefuly you can give me suggestions and recommendations.

  • I need a financial planner with experience in US foreign national residents. This person should help me with understanding and filling tax returns, so I can move on to doing real financial planning. I didn’t file my taxes this year and had to file for an extension because I didn’t make the time to stop and understand all the nuances of the system. Last year I just paid someone to do it, but I want to understand what is it that I’m paying for this time. If you know anyone in the Philadelphia area, that would be very convenient.
  • I need recommendations for doctos in the Philadelphia area. Like I said before, I’m still learning the whole health system structure (or lack thereof, ha!), but I already have a health plan and I need to do my (tri?) annual checkup. My family will thank you and, hopefuly, the nagging will cease. ;-)
  • There is a saying in Brazil about people who are undecided that says “doesn’t know if she gets married or buys a bycicle”. It doesn’t translate very well, but I love it because shows that indecisions around things that are not comparable are impossible to solve. I have so many things on my list that I just need to get done – an executive decision, period – that it’s ridiculous. If I take care of these two I’ll sleep better at night… What’s your advice on:

  • Digital Cameras. I need portability and speed taking photos. I’m not particularly interested in photography and I am not going to spend a thousand dollars on it. I have a $30 camera that does the trick, but the quality is really sub-optimal. I want something a little better. I have seen Mark’s recommendation, but I didn’t like the camera when I held it – for this price I dont’ mind something a little bulkier for better qualty images.
  • Projector. I don’t watch TV but I watch a lot of films. I subscribe to Netflix and I have free access to every possible channel available thanks to the place I work at. I am set on getting a projector instead of a TV (because I can use it for a lot more purposes), but I have been in paralysis by analysis mode for 18 months now. I don’t have time to learn about lumens and that sort of thing. I just want a projector where I can project movies as well as computer screens at a decent quality for viewing from under 2.5 meters (~8 feet) away (my livingroom is small). I have already considered a few options.
  • That’s it for now, these are the ones that have been bugging me the most. I’ll be sure to post more. Thanks! :)

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