DC IA Summit Redux 2006

I had a great time hanging out with the DC-IA crowd this weekend talking about the sessions and experience of going to the IA Summit in Vancouver back in March. We unfortunately ran out of time and didn’t get to talk about all the topics we wanted to address, but there were very interesting and livelly conversations nonetheless. Here are a few recordings with our discussions; feel free to download and catch up:

  • IA Summit Redux Part 1 (70 MB) – Intro and Summit overview with Dan Brown, tag discussion with James Melzer.
  • IA Summit Redux Part 2 (40 MB) – Wireframes and Deliverables with Nathan Curtis (and many interruptions by Livia, ha).
  • IA Summit Redux Part 3 (65 MB) – Web 2.0 with Shelley Price, Theory with Olga Howard, International IA (brief) with Stacy Surla, final wrap up with Dan Brown.
  • Because of our time limit there was no discussion around the sessions on content management, business & IA and international IA. I was bummed that we didn’t get to talk about Business & IA because that’s what I was planning on reporting on, but I might write a bit about that later.

    BONUS! I still plan on editing the rest of my recordings from the Summit (as soon as I find the time), for now, you can enjoy the 2006 IA Summit’s Closing Plenary with Peter Merholz.

    Don’t forget to check out the Summit’s original presentations and posters.

    Please don’t link directly to the mp3s, link to this post instead.