IA Summit 2006 Recordings

After much procrastination, here are all my recordings from this year’s Information Architecture Summit sessions. Please link to this post, not directly to the mp3 files.

I was sad to have to trash some of the recordings, but this year I sat with the trouble-making kids in the back, so the audio quality was not the best in many sessions. You can download the Summit Redux recordings to hear about other topics I had to skip here. It’s still amazing to me what you can do with a little iPod and a cheap microphone.

You can download slides from the Summit site and check out the summaries from Boxes and Arrows. Enjoy!

  • Opening Keynote
    with David Weinberger (intro by Lou Rosenfeld).
  • We Are Not Alone: IA’s Role in the Optimal Design Team
    with Jared Spool.
  • Game Changing: How To Transform Client Mindsets Through Play
    with Jess McMullin.
  • Business & Design BOF
    with Jeff Lash & Summit Attendees.
  • Wireframes: A comparison of purposes, process, and products
    with Todd Warfel, Dave Heller, Anders Ramsay, Laurie Gray, Jeff Lash.
  • Women, Fire & Dangerous Things – What every IA should know
    with Donna Maurer.
  • Communicating Concepts through Comics
    with Jane Jao and Kevin Cheng.
  • Addressing IA Challenges in 3rd World and Developing Contexts
    with Jason Hobbs.
  • Sorting, Tagging and Social Information Architecture
    with Rashmi Sinha.
  • Closing Plenary
    with Peter Merholz.
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