It went ka-boom!

Exciting day at the office. Too big booms and no information whatsoever. I guess they don’t realize just how freaked out people working in two really tall office towers can get.

At first I figured it was just some small gas burst in a building nearby, but when people started to flock out of the building it looked a little more serious. Not letting people know what is happening didn’t help though…

It was 1:20pm and I was starving; I had just walked back into the office after going out to buy lunch. Before I could take my first bite the first burst came and then the second so I left empty-handed.

After waiting outside for a long time and trying to make sure my entire team was there or had gone home, I decided to go home myself. I’m still starving and I still don’t know what’s happening.

Check the photos for details. Curiously, I was just thinking to myself yesterday how I had no pictures of my office building.

Update: Just got an email from the office saying it was an “underground electrical explosion (due to nearby construction)”.