Seriously, how hard is it?

Information Architect = IA
Information Architects = IAs

Information Architecture = IA
Of, by, belonging to Information Architecture = IA’s

I cringe everytime I see “IA’s” used when referencing information architects. Am I bothered by little things? Yes, but this is no longer little. It’s shocking how often you see such a stupid error. Come on people!

2 thoughts on “Seriously, how hard is it?

  1. xian

    Actually, it can be correct (depending on house style) to use an apostrophe when pluralizing an all caps initialism or acronym. You may disagree with this choice, but it’s not necessarily a stupid error.

  2. Livia Labate

    Pluralization of acronyms utilizing the apostrophe only happens if the acronym uses internal punctuation (which is commonly advised against). So, if “I.A.” was used to represent “Information Architect”, then Information Architects would be represented as I.A.’s – that’s the only instance in which apostrophe applies to pluralization of acronyms.

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