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UX Health Check at RedUX DC

This weekend I presented a 20-minute summary version of our IA Summit talk at the DC Redux event. You can check out the slides below and watch the video thanks to The UX Workshop folks. There were a bunch of talks so mine is on part II, around the 30 minute mark.


It was the first time I talked about the UX Health Check in public sans-Austin so it was great for me to identify what I need to brush up on. Also, trying to turn a 45 minute (that was originally a full-day workshop) into a 20 minute presentation was a challenge. I hope it was enough to get people interested in giving it a try.

UX Health Check poster from the IA Summit 2009

UX Health Check Poster

In addition to the first presentation we’ve ever given outside corporate quarters about the UX Health Check, Austin also created this awesome poster to show people what the UX Health Check is all about. You can download the full poster PDF for your enjoyment: UX Health Check Poster (IA Summit 2009) .

If you know of any photos floating out there from the poster sessions that show this poster, please let us know in the comments! We want to show our wives that we really were there :D

Introducing the User Experience Health Check

Today we introduced the User Experience Health Check during the 10th Information Architecture Summit in Memphis, TN. It is great to see this technique out there and available so other people can try it out and see if it works for their contexts.

Here is the presentation (slightly updated so it makes sense for people who were not present during the session):

Please let us know what you think. We are happy to answer any questions or help you get started on your own. The only value of a technique like this is if people use it and get something out of it. Please use it until it break and help us evolve it!

We’ll post the audio when we find out how to get it from the awesome people from Boxes & Arrows who recorded the entire IA Summit for podcasts.

We will also share the spreadsheet template where you capture all the capabilities, scores and benchrmarks so you can make the most minimal effort to give your first try at the UX Health Check :)